Our Team

The senior management team at Streamline Industries includes some of the most highly skilled and experienced people in our industry.

In fact, company owner Jacques Hebert alone has a lifetime experience in nearly every aspect of machining and manufacturing. In addition, our team has been working together for nearly 20 years and has devoted their careers to this industry. At the same time, we have also infused our team with young talent bright, energetic individuals who bring new ideas to help meet the changing needs of our customers. Working together closely, our staff draws upon a vast range of experience and hands-on expertise to provide outstanding service and effective solutions to our customers.

Jacques Hebert

Shane Romero
Senior Project Coordinator

Tyra Riley
General Manager / Quality Manager

Derek Segura
Project Manager

Brady Derise
CNC Coordinator

Tony Pichoff
Project Manager

Craig Perez
Quality Inspector

Earl Migues
CNC Machinist



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